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2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows and Directors
2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows and Directors

Website UPDATE:

Last updated on Monday July 15, 2019.

  • 2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Clinicians: Alto saxophonists Houston M. Smith and Morgan Faw and drummer Gary Kerkezou from Berklee College of Music / Thanks so much for spending the time with KC Area Youth Jazz! We all appreciated it and the Fellows were very motivated after meeting you and hearing all of you play! More...
  • Announcement: CONCERT at 424 Lounge on Saturday, July 20. Spread the word. It's FREE.
  • Announcement: WE ARE RECORDING on Sunday, July 21.
  • Shed Update #1 - Work solo changes.
  • Shed Update #2 - Use MIDI mockups for individual practice.
  • Check Google Drive Folders for updates.
  • New Media Page: Find videos + photos. (visit link)


2020 Season Auditions are now OPEN: Spread the word!

(1) The 2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows are preparing the music for their debut commercial album on the ARC record label.

(2) Catch them performing the music in concert on July 20th at the great new KC area jazz venue, "424 Lounge" (website).

(3) KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows have been invited to New York City by The New School Jazz Department (website) during the 2020 KC Area Youth Jazz Season!

(4) KCAYJ is a no participation fee spring and summer only program - yes, it's FREE.

(5) KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows perform commissioned original music written for them.

(6) We are looking for the top jazz players in grades 9-12 to work with in this opportunity.

Contact us to inquire about 2020 Season auditions!


"Light-Dark (2019)"
by Dr. Arthur White, ASCAP
written for the 2019 Fellows ...


YOUTH JAZZ prepares and presents a varied repertoire of masterworks and commissioned original compositions for recordings and a variety of performances where music is of central consideration.

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Through a strategic business alliance, YOUTH JAZZ Fellows rehearse and record in Kansas City at the premier professional recording complex in the Midwest USA: BRC Audio Productions.

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YOUTH JAZZ provides participating students with an artist experience in jazz ensemble performance, along with interaction with established artists, music industry experts, and noted educators.

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YOUTH JAZZ is a private applied music education and performance firm specializing in teaching the art of jazz ensemble performance and the craft of jazz improvisation to a select group of KC area youth artists.
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YOUTH JAZZ is comprised of student musicians who are among the top jazz artists of their generation. Members are determined by a rigorous audition process before the start of each annual performance season. 
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YOUTH JAZZ repertoire consists of creatively arranged versions of existing jazz masterworks and commissioned original compositions that are performed and recorded.
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Photograph: "The Scout" by Duane Hallock.
Photograph: "The Scout" by Duane Hallock.

2019 Products

Join other 2019 Supporters! YOUTH JAZZ produces three products each season that support the program. Get involved today. Community members can also get involved with YOUTH JAZZ as chair sponsors, volunteers, consultants or business affiliates.