KCAYJ Strategic Alliances

KCAYJ Support Community

Business Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

  • Christopher Burnett and Terri Anderson Burnett
  • Dr. Mary Jane Burnett
  • Bill Crain

Chair Sponsorships

2019 KCAYJ Chair Sponsorship is a great way to directly support the program and impact the experience of each KCAYJ Fellow. This product defrays administrative expenses associated with creating the KCAYJ Fellow experience. KCAYJ Chair Sponsorships are available for each of the following KCAYJ Fellows:

  • Alto Saxophone Fellowship
    Christopher Burnett and Terri Anderson Burnett
    Those Fabulous Boyce Boys
  • Tenor Saxophone Fellowship
  • Trumpet Fellowship
  • Trombone Fellowship
  • Guitar Fellowship
  • Bass Fellowship
    Steven Grandon and Daphne Grandon
  • Piano Fellowship
    Steve Pepoon and Mary Stephenson
  • Drums Fellowship
    Greg Carroll and Dr. Doris Carroll
    Those Fabulous Boyce Boys

Composer Residencies

  • 2019 Dr. Arthur White
  • 2020 Mark Taylor
  • 2021 Dr. Eric Richards
  • 2022 Mike Tomaro
  • 2023 Sumi Tonooka

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