DIGITAL MUSIC STORES: Light / Dark (Audio Single)


“…A contemporary approach is called for when performing this piece. I am a mega-fan of the Yellowjackets, and hear their musical perspective in my head as a composer. Will Kennedy, Marcus Baylor, and Peter Erskine are all great drummer models.” – Arthur White.

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Light / Dark (Single)
by Kansas City Area Youth Jazz
© Copyright – Kansas City Area Youth Jazz / Artists Recording Collective (860002543536)

Contemporary modern jazz: “… A contemporary approach is called for when performing this piece. I am a mega-fan of the Yellowjackets and heard their musical perspective in my head here.” – Dr. Arthur White, composer
Genre: Jazz: Third Stream
Release Date: 2020


Coleman Gliddon, piano
Brendan Sullivan, trombone
Spencer Addis, tenor saxophone

2019 Youth Jazz Fellows:

Carter Beucher, alto saxophone
Atzin Garcia, alto saxophone + flute
Spencer Addis, tenor saxophone
Emilio Alvarez, all saxophones
Joshua McKeague, trumpet + flugelhorn
Brendan Sullivan, trombone
Coleman Gliddon, piano
Robert Law, bass
Michael McKeague, drum set

2019 Youth Jazz:

Bill Crain, ensemble director, recording engineer, producer
Will Crain, recording session engineer
Christopher Burnett, founder + artistic director
Cover Art + Photography by Brad Beucher

Kansas City Area Youth Jazz is a young artists opportunity where the purpose is to record an album of original music that was written specifically for them by professional composers. Students learn to prepare the music to a very high standard, earn money from playing concerts, sell the sheet music to their charts, and sell their professionally produced recordings commercially.

A primary purpose of the Kansas City Area Youth Jazz program is to teach participants how to integrate art in ways that impact community. This a premier student jazz artist opportunity. Our approach is to engage the next generation of jazz artists in an applied performance environment. Our philosophy is to develop selected jazz repertoire for refined performance opportunities through a high-level of understanding and musicianship. Our vision is to attract the “best of the best” among the KC area youth jazz musicians.

What’s unique about our process is the opportunity to allow the most accomplished jazz artists of our youngest generation a forum among peers each season. Among the distinct and interesting facts about our model is that students are exposed to and learn about both – the music and the business of jazz. This sets us apart from many jazz education programs.

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