The KC Area Youth Jazz business model is © copyright protected and was conceived to provide an artist experience to a selected group from among our area's youngest generation of jazz artists in grades 9-12 as KCAYJ Fellows. In addition to the art and craft of performing the music, KCAYJ Fellows are taught the business of jazz through our program curriculum that features interactions with the community and music industry at large as young entrepreneurs. The public-facing aspects of the copyrighted KCAYJ Business Plan are presented at the website http://YouthJazz.us for the information and use of our clients, customers, and business associates only.

KCAYJ Products

  1. RECORDINGS - $50
  2. CONCERTS - $500
  3. SPONSORSHIPS - $150

The KCAYJ organization is supported and funded by the inherent entrepreneurialism intentionally built into the KCAYJ business model. This foundation is simply based upon the three KCAYJ products created each season.

  • KCAYJ Product Sales allow youth participation at no cost.
  • KCAYJ Product Sales fund the hiring of our resident composer.
  • KCAYJ Product Sales fund the visits by industry professionals.


KCAYJ sincerely appreciates your tangible support of our program by purchasing the art created by members of our youngest generation of KC area jazz artists.

Buying KCAYJ Products supports arts-based business.

You are an active participant in the continuum of our historic jazz legacy!

From everybody at KCAYJ - THANKS!




Pre-Orders Available Soon!

  • Release Date - November 2, 2019
  • Label - Artists Recording Collective (ARC)
  • Featuring music by Dr. Arthur White
  • Format - 140g 12" Vinyl LP Record
  • Limited Edition - Only 300 total
  • Vinyl LP Record Retail Price - $50.00
  • Digital Album Only Price - $25.00
  • Pre-Order Customers are listed on the album
  • Concert buyers are listed on the album
  • Chair sponsors are listed on the album

Vinyl Manufacturing with Atomic Disc

  • Atomic eco-vinyl™ Package

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at BRC Audio Productions

  • Dr. Bill Crain, Engineer


Accepting Booking Offers!

Book the 2019 KCAYJ Fellows Octet to perform. This eight-piece instrumental ensemble of youth jazz "all-stars" performs a concert repertoire that is suitable for presenting at any concert series, festivals, private venues, corporate functions or community events.

The 2019 KCAYJ Season is eight weeks during June and July.

  • Price - $500.00 for a contracted 1-hour concert performance.
  • Details - Live jazz performance of original compositions and jazz masterworks.
  • Provide event date, time, general description and your contact.

Book a performance:

Email the Director


2019 KCAYJ Chair Sponsorship is a great way to directly support the program and impact the experience of each KCAYJ Fellow. This product defrays administrative expenses associated with creating the KCAYJ Fellow experience. KCAYJ Chair Sponsorships are available for each of the following KCAYJ Fellows:

  1. Alto Saxophone Fellowship
    Christopher Burnett and Terri Anderson Burnett
  2. Tenor Saxophone Fellowship
  3. Trumpet Fellowship
  4. Trombone Fellowship
  5. Guitar Fellowship
  6. Bass Fellowship
    Steven Grandon and Daphne Grandon
  7. Piano Fellowship
    Steve Pepoon and Mary Stephenson
  8. Drums Fellowship
    Greg Carroll and Dr. Doris Carroll

Choose Fellow

*KCAYJ Chair Sponsorships available for purchase are unlimited.