Nominations for 2022 Fellowships Are Now Open!

High School and College Age Students Only.

BRC Audio Productions, Studio A

THE AUDITION: We ask prospective fellows to prepare a (1) Jazz standard with improvisation, (2) Improvise over the F blues form, and (3) Play all 12 major scales in 60 seconds. (4) We conduct a personal interview that requires a commitment to attending all rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions. Auditions for a Youth Jazz Fellowship are very competitive. Look for audition dates soon. Thanks for your interest!


1. What is Kansas City Area Youth Jazz? We’re a free-of-cost spring-and-summer-only young artists program designed for the next generation of jazz musicians in our region.

2. Who’s eligible for a Youth Jazz Fellowship? Any high school or college age youth jazz musicians who pass the screening audition. See for complete program details.

3. What instruments does Youth Jazz look for? Any instrument can play jazz music, but we traditionally audition – piano, bass, drum set, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, hand percussion, and mallet percussion players.

4. Are vocalists included in Youth Jazz? We’ve never had a vocalist apply to audition but we welcome any who are sincerely interested to try out.

5. What is the typical profile of past Kansas City Area Youth Jazz Fellows? Winning a Youth Jazz Fellowship is a highly prestigious accomplishment as selections are made from among the best jazz musicians of our youngest generation of musicians in the Kansas City Area region. Typically fellows are leading musicians in their high school and college programs who have developed a high level of practiced competency on their instrument or voice.

6. What activities does Kansas City Area Youth Jazz engage each season? Our model takes an innovative approach and is arguably unique within the jazz education and private jazz program arena in the Kansas City region and perhaps beyond. The primary purpose of this program is to provide a young jazz artist experience in the music industry. We do this by working with many other great jazz educators and the top regional music programs as a free and benign resource. Youth Jazz Fellows typically get paid for playing concerts, prepare original music and arrangements for commercial recording, and develop program music to a professional level of understanding and application each season.

7. How long has Kansas City Area Youth Jazz been available to the young jazz artists of our region? We’ve completed three successful seasons to date. Mr. Burnett returned home to the Kansas City area in 2001 after serving 22 years with military jazz bands. He worked with Leon A. Brady’s famous jazz education program for five years (until Mr. Brady retired) and then with other jazz education programs. Mr. Burnett has valued Mr. Brady making himself available as a mentor with proven experience and success in the private jazz education arena. He even discussed the idea of starting this new program with Mr. Brady in 2012, well prior to the official launch of Kansas City Area Youth Jazz in 2019.

8. How many albums has Kansas City Area Youth Jazz recorded and released? Two professional albums have been released commercially worldwide on the ARC label, 2019 FELLOWS and 2020 FELLOWS. The most recently recorded album 2021 FELLOWS is scheduled to be released in December 2021.

9. Where can the albums be heard? At our website on the Discography page and at all of the major digital music stores and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Here’s the direct link to the “Youth Jazz at Spotify” playlist that is also available at our website link below.

10. How do I nominate someone for a Kansas City Area Youth Jazz Fellowship? That’s pretty easy. Just contact by email or call our office phone at (913) 250-5141 with your name, email, and best contact telephone number to reach you with the name, email, and best contact telephone number of the candidate you wish to nominate. Of course, you must have permission from the individual or their parent/legal guardian to nominate someone. Self nominations are welcome too.

We know that most of you are likely swamped in general as most musicians are with things such as marching band competitions and or getting things ready for fall and winter concerts, but we do hope to hear from you soon to reserve an audition appointment. Thanks for your time and consideration!