Recording unique musical works and also commissioned compositions written and/or arranged specifically for the 2022 Kansas City Area Youth Jazz Fellows ultimately selected from the work by the following composers:


NOTE: Some charts by our staff writers are available as digital sheet music (PDF) downloads at major music retailers like Sheet Music Plus and Sheet Music Direct. Click the image below.

Christopher BURNETTwebsite

“Waltz For Mom”
by Christopher Burnett, BMI

Audio Demo Credits: Christopher Burnett, soprano saxophone and composer; Jeff Stewart, piano; Elliot Kuykendall, bass; Ken Baldwin, drums; Dr. Bob Habib, percussion. Album: Time Flies (Remastered Collectors Edition)

2022 composition

work sample

Abdu SALIMwebsite

“Song for My Children”
by Abdu Salim, SACEM

“Song for My Children” Artist Personnel are Abdu Salim: Composer and Tenor Saxophone / Daahoud Salim: Piano / Akim Bournane: Double bass / Christian “Ton Ton” Salut: Drums | Album: Abdu In Blue

2022 composition

work sample

Michael Jefry STEVENSwebsite

“Parallel Lines”
by Michael Jefry Stevens, GEMA

Audio Demo Credits: Michael Jefry Stevens, piano and composer; MIDI. Album: Side Effects

2022 composition

work sample

Morgan FAW website

Trial and Error
by Morgan Faw, BMI

Personnel: Morgan Faw – Composer, Alto Saxophone / Will Mallard – Trumpet / Eddie Moore – Piano / James Dale – Bass / Christian Napoleon – Drums. // Morgan Faw and The Flame: Concert Video (audio only excerpt)

2022 composition

work sample

Erica LINDSAYwebsite

by Erica Lindsay, ASCAP

2022 composition

work sample

Pat METHENYwebsite

“Better Days Ahead”
by Pat Metheny, BMI

Audio Demo Credits: Christopher Burnett, arrangement; MIDI. Album: 2022 FELLOWS


(Verse 1)

There will come a time gotta figure, things will go your way little bigger?

But whatever way that it goes, everybody knows times are certain to change

So get up don’t spend the day in bed, instead

Grab your shoes and chase the blues until they’ve fled and then

Sing this song for now it won’t be long, feeling getting strong

Well I’m guessin’ there gonna be better days ahead

(Verse 2)

Even night turns bright when it’s ending, make it time to do all you’re intending

Never know what luck it may bring ‘til you learn to swing, winter’s followed by spring,

So I hope you’ll let a note begin to ring

Fill the air with something you forgot you could sing

And no right or wrong for now it won’t be long, feeling getting strong

Cause I’m guessin’ there gonna be better days ahead

Video Personnel: Toninho Horta – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion / Tom Lellis – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion / Lori Bell – Flute / Rique Pantoja – Piano / David Enos – Bass / Enzo Todesco – Drums. Album: Letter From Home (Pat Metheny Group)


NEA Jazz Master and 20-time Grammy-winning guitar icon (and KC native) Pat Metheny presents his latest band project: Side-Eye, featuring pianist and keyboardist James Francies and drummer Joe Dyson. Album: SideEye NYC (V1.IV)

2022 composition

work sample

Bobby WATSONwebsite

by Bobby Watson, BMI

Audio Demo Credits: Bobby Watson, composer; Aebersold Rhythm Section: Edward Simon (piano); Essiet Essiet (bass); and Victor Lewis (drums). Album: Reflections in Blue (Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers)

2022 composition

work sample



Christopher Burnett /


Youth Jazz recordings are released on the ARC label.
  • A Bittadose
    (Bobby Watson, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • A Plea For Help
    (Kenny Watson, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • A Bridge To Anywhere
    (Arthur White, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • A Song For Dad
    (WM Thornton, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • Alice In Wonderland
    (Sammy Fain, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • Analog Networking
    (Christopher Burnett, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • As Soon As Possible
    (Arthur White, 2019 FELLOWS)
  • Better Days Ahead
    (Pat Metheny, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • Bird Flu
    (Arthur White, 2019 FELLOWS)
  • Bishop’s Peak
    (Arthur White, 2019 FELLOWS)
  • Blowing Smoke
    (David Berkman, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • Come Take Me Home
    (Bill Crain, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • Concoctions
    (William Crain, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • E.T.A
    (Bobby Watson, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • Extra
    (William Crain, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • Golden Path
    (William Crain, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • In The Dark
    (Arthur White, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • Infinite Blue
    (Patrick Cornelius, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • Light / Dark
    (Arthur White, 2019 FELLOWS)
  • Low Blow
    (William Crain, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • Ode to Joe Hen
    (Arthur White, 2019 FELLOWS)
  • Out To The Garage, Band!
    (Arthur White, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • Parallel Lines
    (Michael Jefry Stevens, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • Re-Entry
    (Henry Fears, 2022 FELLOWS)
  • Song for My Children
    (Abdu Salim, 2023 FELLOWS)
  • Spring
    (Bill Crain, 2020 FELLOWS)
  • Sweet Baby Sam
    (Arthur White, 2021 FELLOWS)
  • Trial and Error
    (Morgan Faw, 2023 FELLOWS)
  • Waltz For Mom
    (Christopher Burnett, 2022 FELLOWS)