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03.10.20 First Single From Debut LP Released

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<b>HISTORIC:</b> The debut KC Area Youth Jazz Single "LIGHT / DARK" is commercially released world wide.
HISTORIC: The debut KC Area Youth Jazz Single "LIGHT / DARK" is commercially released world wide.

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LIGHT / DARK” (ARC-3536) and “BISHOP'S PEAK”(ARC-3543) composed by Dr. Arthur White will be the two digital singles that will be released worldwide Apple Music + Spotify + Google Play from the 2019 KC AREA YOUTH JAZZ FELLOWS ALBUM in early March !! The full LP will be released at the start of the 2020 season !! #worththewait

Our sincere congratulations to all of the 2019 KC Area Your Jazz Fellows on an outstanding 4-month season and for recording a great professional album to be released on the ARC Label.

It truly sounds GREAT! Thanks again to Dr. Arthur White for writing some great music for Youth Jazz!

We are planning a "listening event" in conjunction with the start of the 2020 KC Area Youth Jazz season.

Get involved!

All the best, Mr. B


07.21.19 Album Recording Session

2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Recording Session: Thanks to Brad Beucher for the great photos and videos!


07.14.19 with Berklee College of Music Clinicians

2019 KC Area Youth Jazz Clinicians: Alto saxophonists: Houston M. Smith and Morgan Faw; and, drummer: Gary Kerkezou from Berklee College of Music / Thanks so much for spending the time with KC Area Youth Jazz! We all appreciated it and the Fellows were very motivated after meeting you and hearing all of you play!


06.30.19 Rehearsal Playlist

06.30.19 KC Area Youth Jazz rehearsal / We begin recording the album in 2 weeks! It's been a great journey to get here.

Mr. Crain briefed the 2019 Fellows about the preparations and we also talked about some of the inherent considerations within a recording session process from the performing artist perspective.

This playlist of video clips includes the portion of the rehearsal involving work on "Light/Dark" a stellar composition commissioned for the program written by our 2019 Composer-In-Residence, Dr. Arthur White.

And the last two clips are of Dr. White's composition, "Bird Flu."


2019 Season Session #2

04.15.19 KC Area Youth Jazz rehearsal / 2019 Season Session #2 video clip is of a rehearsal segment from our work on “Ode to Joe Hen” by our 2019 Composer-In_Residence, Dr. Arthur White. Some nice musical moments.